12 Fabulous Websites for Web Design Portfolios

Since the Internet has grown so much, so has the number of web designers and web developers, so sometimes it can be hard to get attention. It’s better not to focus on all the competition and rather, place your focus on your portfolio and what you can do to get more attention. One really great way to get the attention you deserve is to showcase your portfolio on web design or art sites.Below is a list of 12 websites that are awesome for showcasing your portfolio.1. 50up.net50up is more for the design student or new designers. They have an attractive layout and there isn’t a lot of advertisement clutter. The site is easy to use and very easy to navigate, plus it’s free. They have also made available a “fresh list” so that all the best works are featured.2. CargoCollective.comCargo showcases those who are creative at heart. The site is complete ad free, simple and has easy templates to use. They also have a feature for fans and clients to “follow” the works that they best like.3. PimpArtworks.comPimpArtWorks keeps the urban style alive which is a great place for both photographers and street artists to showcase their work. The site is free, easy to use and offers tools to share on social networking sites. You may also choose to sell your work through the site.4. Coroflot.comCoroflot showcases all different types of design works from the web to print. It is said that it’s the largest and oldest site for showcasing design portfolios. This site is also easy to use, free and offers tools for sharing your works. Your account will allow unlimited uploads for you work.5. FigDig.comFigDig uses HD quality showcasing for designers. Figdig uses a 1223c792 HD resolution which can really make your work jump off the page. Another neat feature they offer is that viewers can download your work in a PDF format as a sample. If your portfolio is well received on their site, they may also induct you into their “Hall of Fame.” This recognition is by far incomparable to other design sites.6. DeviantArt.ComIf your designs encompass fantasy or 3D art, deviantart is one of the best showcasing sites available. When you create an account, you get a personal URL and can collaborate and critique with other users. It’s also free to use.7. Vimeo.comVimeo is specific to motion graphic designers. The site has original content and it is simple to use. Each week you will receive 500MB of upload space. They also offer several tools for showcasing your work.8. Flickr.comFlickr is operated and owned by Yahoo.com so you’ll have to sign up for a yahoo email account. Flickr is a really great place for photographers to showcase works, but also is equally well received amongst graphic designers. They offer editing online and tagging features. Flickr operates similarly to search engine sites, but with the results being users. They also encourage connecting with others and they offer embedding features.9. Behance.netBehance is a very clean and popular social networking platform for many designers. It also encourages feedback and collaborations with other designers and visitors.10. Society6.comSociety6 is a place for designers to showcase their illustration design portfolios and is completely free to use. It’s somewhat similar to Flickr except there are no advertisements. It’s is very community-oriented and works hard to focus on the promotion of those who join their site.11. NOTCOT.orgNotcot is more of a site to market your portfolio vs. showcasing it. You are able to upload one image from your portfolio and then add a link to your entire portfolio. It actually tends to be a really great site for networking and gaining new client interest.12. Flavors.meFlavors is actually a really cool site and takes your accounts from other sites and incorporates them into one. Sites they include are Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Netflix. They offer several customization features so that creating a portfolio is fun and easy to do.Now that you have an awesome list of designer portfolio sites, there should be no reason not to give them a try. Get out there and start showcasing your web design portfolio.

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