9 Tips to Build Free Traffic With Yahoo! Answers

An almost unfair way to build your traffic is to build up your Yahoo! Answers portfolio. Yahoo! Answers is a web community where one can ask questions and people who have knowledge about your specific question answer it. With over 90 million people visiting and sharing the knowledge, it is a lot of web traffic if you are able to make a mark in Yahoo Answers. You also have the opportunity to link to your website through the secondary box called “SOURCE”. Every answer submitted will be in the yahoo search engine page results. Once you answer the question you can link to your website for more details. Here are some tips which can make your Yahoo answers presence fruitful for yourself and your readers.Tip # 1: Select the category in which you wish to make your presence felt or the niche which you specialize in and want to promote. Answer questions related to your niche to build yourself as an expert.  Tip #2: Yahoo answers is one of the largest web based community. There are plenty of people focused on answering questions, it is best to answer the most recent questions preferably within the first three hours.  Tip #3: Make it a point to post only relevant website link in the Source box using a URL that sounds similar to the topic. If you are answering a question regarding dog food, the URL should be of a landing page specific to that niche and include it in the source box.Tip #4: Answer questions as well as you can with specific details.  The more authority you have with your answers, the better chance you have of being selected as the top choice.Tip #5: Read the Community guidelines well before you rush into answering questions to avoid violation of the terms.Tip #6: Be sure to include your keywords in your answer as best as you can. You can also add your URL using a href tag but if you not done correctly you will not be chosen as the top answer and in some cases your answer may be removed completely on suspicion of link spamming.Tip #7: Apart from Yahoo search engine your answers may also be picked up other search engines including Google. Google may spider your answers and give you credit for a back-link. So be sure to answer as many questions as you can each day or till you reach your answering limit of 20.Tip #8: Answering questions and helping other is enjoyable and could get to be addictive. So Stick with it and build an impressive portfolio while developing your back-links.Tip #9: You can personalize your answer and address the person asking the question by name when you begin answering such as Dear David….It takes time to master the art of answering niche based questions. Create a strategy where you are answering questions on a daily basis, incorporating your keywords into your answers and linking to your websites within the source boxes you will see results relatively quickly.

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