Feng Shui Travel Tips For an Easy Trip

When you travel do you dread sleeping in an unfamiliar bed in strange room in a far away city? It doesn’t have to be that way. Feng shui travel tips to the rescue!Let’s say you’re planning a business or pleasure trip in the near future. Even if your destination is not filled with positive energy, there are things you can do using the principles of feng shui to improve the situation allowing you the full benefit of what the hotel/resort has to offer.Choose to travel in a less stressful way and you won’t return more worn out that when you left in the first place. With the right precautions in place you’ll ensure not only an enjoyable trip but also a healthy and relaxing return.It might not be obvious but a successful trip always begins and ends at home so a little pre-emptive work on your part makes for a successful trip and an effortless return. Whether you realize it or not, you’re intimately tied to your home and the energy in your home will travel with you on your trip so do your “homework” first to start you off on the right foot.Tidy up your home and clear away any clutter that you have lying out in the open. Clutter is a sure way to block the free flow of positive energy in your home and you meaning you take that mixed up feeling with you on the road leading to less than smooth travel. A mix ups in travel plans, lost luggage or room reservations that go missing are all possibilities when travelling with poor vibrational energy. Leaving your home organized and ready for your return starts you off in a great mood filled with positive energy. Your trip will be more enjoyable for it.A few kind words to the check-in staff at the hotel can get you a room far away from any groups who might be partying it up through the night allowing you to have a quiet, restful and enjoyable stay. Also, be sure to ask for a room well away from noisy elevators, stairwells or the hotel lounge.Always carry what I call your “feng shui first aid kit.” You can add what you like but here are a few suggestions. Include your iPod, a small flashlight, a rose water spray bottle and lastly a picture of your family, children, pets etc. The portable tunes provide a peaceful interlude or help with time for meditation or contemplation. The flashlight is added security in a power failure, you can spray the rosewater liberally around the room including the sheets to instantly change the energy of any room and the friendly picture is a great reminder of the positive energy at home.Flowers are always an excellent way to brighten the energy of a room. They look good and smell great – guaranteed to work every time!Burning a lavender scented candle is also a great way to go to promote a peaceful ambiance in your room. It goes without saying but try to avoid candle accidents that get you in trouble with the hotel.
If your intended trip is for pleasure, rest and relaxation should be one of the prime objectives. Even if it’s a business trip do yourself a favour and cover the telephone and alarm clock at rest times to allow total relaxation of the mind without electronic interruption. Phones and clocks can be reminders of unfinished business on the trip or at home so put them out of your mind.All hotel rooms have a TV. Hopefully it’s in a cabinet you can close. If not throw a towel over the TV during rest and sleep times to ensure you get the maximum rest and relaxation without the negative energy of the TV hindering you.If driving to hotel remember your car (or a rental) is an extension of your house so the same rules apply. Keep it free of clutter, old food bags, used clothing and towels etc. Driving a tidy car stocked with the appropriate safety equipment surrounds you with a positive energy and feeling of security.
If at all possible plan at least 15 minutes of your day to meditate or simply rest with your mind allowed to wander. The power of meditation to rejuvenate is amazing.Apply these feng shui travel tips to your next trip away from home and reap the benefits of a relaxing energy filled stay and a calm and peaceful return to your clean and organized home.

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