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Web Video Production

Every business strives to get new customers and make sales. It is important to have a good marketing strategy in place. These days it is worth looking at what web video production can do for your business.

We are bombarded with advertisements everywhere we go. On the street, in the cinema, etc., it seems there is no end to people wanting to promote their latest products. Methods used include social media advertising, TV advertising, movie advertising. Worldwide we see the same ads appearing and the message keeps on spreading.

Unfortunately we don’t all have the budgets of the big companies out there. They tend to make huge profits and as a result can afford to have a big advertising budget to play with. How can the small business compete? The answer it seems is to use web video production.

Web video production changed everything, especially the way people thought about promoting their business. Internet video production is a great way for you or your business to get your message out to the masses.

Video quickly gets you a reputation online and starts to brand you. Having good video content, which the search engines love, will also help with your search engine optimisation and link building.

So what is the best way for you to go about using web video production and creating captivating videos? Try to keep it simple for a start. You may be thinking when you start internet video marketing if you need to get costly equipment to make web video content.

You will be pleased to know that you do not need any dazzling Hollywood style equipment to create good video content. Forget about special effects and all that nonsense.

Long static text sales pages are good examples of potential video content. You can convert these to video using something such as PowerPoint. This package clearly shows off web video production and produces some great results.

If you don’t have the time or feel unable to handle something such as web video production then outsource it to someone who knows more about this.

Make the video around two minutes in length. This is the ideal length if you want web video production to make an impact. Some people have short attention spans and may wander off to do something else if the video is going on for too long. You can always do some web video editing later to tidy things up. Generally the video needs to engage the viewer and offer something of value.

YouTube marketing

If you feel happy with your video then it is time to host it somewhere. The best place is YouTube because it is free and also because it has such a huge audience. It is now the second most popular search engine in the world. Imagine the traffic you could be getting to your website if your video is hosted on YouTube.

Because uploading and hosting your video on YouTube is free, you will certainly be keeping your costs down here. Compare this to the cost of television advertising and you can see it is going to be a no brainer. Even a small business would be able to afford to enlist the help of someone experienced in web video production.

Adding the video to your blog

If you are using the WordPress blogging platform then it is quite easy to embed a video from YouTube. First you need to locate your video in YouTube and click on the ‘Share’ button. This will give you some code. All you need to do is copy this code.

Come back to WordPress in design mode. Locate a post you would like the video to appear on and click on the HTML tab. Find a section where you would like to place the video and then paste the code in.

You may need to fiddle with the spacing to get it exactly where you want it. If you switch back to the ‘Visual’ tab you will see a placeholder for where you pasted the code. Save your post and then take a look at it in your browser. You should see your video in the post. Now you are starting to see the benefits of web video production.

Video marketing statistics

If you have any kind of business on the internet then you know the importance of site statistics. If you install Google Analytics onto your website you will be able to monitor your traffic in a number of ways and adjust your marketing accordingly.

You need to know how many visitors you are getting and which of your sites is getting the most. If one site is looking like it is doing better than the others then it may be time to adjust your internet marketing strategy and perhaps look at how you could improve your web video production strategy.

YouTube has its own statistics monitoring area. It will show you a map of the world and you will see the regions which are giving you traffic. It will also show you which keywords people are using to find your videos.

When you upload your video you can set whether or not you want people to comment or rate your video. It is a good idea to only allow comments if you approve them because sometimes people will post nasty or negative things. When working on web video production you do not want any negativity to be present in your content as it can have a detrimental effect.

If you put your video on your blog or website, check the stat counter before and after. Chances are that your page gets more views after the video has gone on there. Checking the statistics on a regular basis should always be a big part of any internet video marketing that you do.

If you are finding that your video is not getting many views then it may be that you picked the wrong keyword to target rather than the quality of the video not being up to standard. To use web video production effectively you need to determine what makes your video work and what doesn’t.

If you have created a truly great video then YouTube will reward you by featuring it in the most popular section. This will get it more and more views; of which many viewers will probably also visit your website. Keep in mind that visitors do not necessarily mean customers or sales.

Think about sharing your video on things like Twitter and Facebook. This brings you an entirely new audience and represents massive traffic for you. Social media and web video production go together well and you should certainly try this.


Even if you use web video production to simply have your articles or sales pages converted as online video content, you are still gaining huge benefits in conversions. This has got to be better than conventional advertising.

Once you start using video marketing to promote your business, you may see an increase in subscribers and sales.