The Art of Digital Photography

Until this came along photography used to be a hassle to even the most dedicated in the trade. But now, it has breathed new life into photography showing the power of one moment captured in time.Digital photography utilizes digital technology to make images of subjects and does not need chemical based processing. The images can be captured, displayed, stored, transmitted, manipulated and recorded with the aid of a computer.Since the first commercially available digital camera in 1990 and the first consumer camera with liquid crystal display on the back in 1995 this camera has brought speed, accuracy, enhanced imaging and many moments of happiness for both professional photographers as well as amateurs alike.From the linear array type of cameras at the highest end to the simple web cams at the lowest end, these devices offer many advantages to a photographer. Immediate image review, deletion, lighting and composition management are among the main plus points. Conservation of storage space and manipulation of the end product are additional advantages.There are a few disadvantages to overcome when using digital photography. The cameras are entirely dependent on an electrical supply. Color print film possesses a bigger dynamic range than digital sensors in general. Salvaging burnt out highlights are difficult with digital cameras and image noise manifests as multicolored speckles.Today, in this fast moving world, digital photography has become a necessity for professional news photographers wanting the acceptable image quality. This has also given the amateur snapshot takers the ability to send images by e-mail from anywhere in the world. It is possible to view images of world events as they happen as was amply demonstrated at the presidential inauguration and the long drawn out hotel siege in Mumbai recently. Astronomers and other technicians use digital photography on a daily basis.After the initial cost in acquiring a digital camera the operating cost of photographing through this method is cheap in the long run. This is a major factor for users of digital photography to keep using it and embrace all innovations in the field that is bound to follow with time. I for one, am keeping my digital camera close to me at all times as it may very well bag that elusive shot that I have been hankering after for many years.

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